Vision of the program

The experts from SPOC, in cooperation with youngsters and adolescences from targeted groups develop and establish a common vision for the program “For peaceful cohabitation”.
The vision of the program, the topics and the instruments are based on consultations among the targeted groups. Among the little children, with the help of the art language, by paintings and pictures, dedicated to the questions: What I do not like and how I want to live peacefully, together and beautiful, what are my problems, as being different.
The young people above the age of 12 years will participate in the formation of the visin with discussions and developed texts. The context of the common idea of working program, which would be implemented not only in Sofia, but in the country, as well as in other countries in Europe and in the world, is peace between the nations and societies. The definition of peace if not only the absence of war, but it is philosophical and accepting.

Targeted groups for the activity are: young people from the majority, refugee children, including unaccompanied children, adolescences and youngsters from the ethnic minorities. The groups are selected from city schools (where children refugees study)










Survey analysis on combating rascist and xenophobic adjustments conducted among children and youth in Sofia

Report regarding the Survey on combating rascist and xenophobic adjustments


The project “Exchange of practices and creation of a model to limit hate speech by creating a culture of tolerance and recognizing diversity” is funded within the NGO support program in Bulgaria under The EEA FM 2009-2014.

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