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„Promoting the bilateral relations and analyzing the Icelandic model for prevention”


The project „Promoting the bilateral relations and analyzing the Icelandic model for prevention”, funded by the NGO support program in Bulgaria under the EEA FM 2009-2014

The project proposal „Promoting the bilateral relations and analyzing the Icelandic model for prevention” is a result of the ideas and the goals of Association „Sustainability of progressive and open communication” and the two project partners- ICSRA (Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis) and Directorate „Public health” in Iceland. The primary aim of the project is knowledge exchange for combating drugs use and organized crime between Bulgaria and Iceland and to add value to the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Iceland by accomplishing a new inter-institutional collaboration between the two organizations.

According to the Annual report from 2013 regarding the problems, related to the drug use in Bulgaria, issued by the National focal center of the drug addiction in Bulgaria, a large share of the activities, implemented in schools and a significant proportion of the measures, implemented among children and youth, are expressed through provisioning of basic information, related to the psychoactive substances. Few are the activities, specifically aimed at prevention of drugs.

All programs and activities, especially the strategies which are implemented in the field of the prevention in schools, have not led to effective results yet.

The use of new substances, imitating the effect of the illicit drugs has risen significantly among the young people in EU, according to the data, published in June 2014 in the framework of a survey, completed by Eurobarometer. On the occasion of the International day against drug abuse and the illicit trafficking, the European Commission renewed its engagement for firm actions in order to defend the young people from the use of psychoactive substances through a legislative proposal for prevention. The data, published in the present project unconditionally shows that there is no time to waste: the new rules must be swiftly changed in order to implement preventive measures on the drug substances before their introduction to the European markets. As of the data, published in the survey „Youth and drugs” by Eurobarometer: the average consumption rate of legal substances among youths has risen from 5% since 2011 to 8% in 2014. 15% of the youth claims that „very easily” or „rather easily” they would get new psychoactive substances within the next 24 hours, while these figures are 13% and 9% for ecstasy and heroine respectively. Among the abusers, 68% of them got the substance from a friend. Only 3% found the drug online. Nearly one-fifth of the young people have used cannabis in the last 12 months, which is an increase of 14% in 2011.

Project’s objectives:

The main aim of the project is the exchange of practices and knowledge in the combat against drugs and the organized crime in Bulgaria.

Specific objectives:

  • Using the experience and the knowledge of the donors and exchange of practices among the experts;
  • Exploring the correlation between the substance use among the young people and the organized crime among the juveniles;
  • Adapting the Icelandic model for prevention; Achieving added value to the bilateral cooperation by establishing a new inter-institutional partnership between the two organizations;


Beneficiaries under the project are: partner organizations and their members; experts from SPOC, Directorate „Public health”, Iceland; Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA); 30 people who will attend the conference from the following institutions: Children pedagogic room, NGO, authorities, Executive agency „Medical audit”, stakeholders and experts; 10 participants in the organized workshop; children and youth at risk from substance use.

Project partners:

Icelandic center for social research and analysis (ICSRA)- organization to the University of Reykjavik, focused on the survey, excellence in the studying, entrepreneurship, technologic development, health problems prevention and training of youth, aiming at developing them as leaders in social life.

Directorate „Public health”, Reykjavik, Iceland- an institution, which main functions are: consulting the Ministry of welfare in Iceland and other governmental bodies, experts in the field of healthcare and the broad society on the issues, related to healthcare, prevention of health-related problems and promotion of the healthcare system; to support and organize healthcare initiatives, to overlook the work of the social healthcare services and experts; To monitor the prescribing and use of pharmaceutical products; to collect and process database of the healthcare services and to strengthen the conduct of research activities in the field;

Project activities:

  • Study on the correlation between the children and young people using drugs and juvenile delinquency;
  • Work meetings for introduction with the Icelandic model and exchange practices; Adaptation of the Icelandic model; Joint Conference “Icelandic model in Bulgaria: Prevention of drug use for children and youth”; Joint training seminar; Visualization and publicity; Project Management; Promotional and informational activities to strengthen bilateral relations;

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