,,Adaptation of newly recognized refugees and refugee children’’

“Adaptation of newly recognized refugees and refugee children by collectivist and family-oriented methods and additional training”

War and armed conflicts affect millions of people around the world every year, chasing them far away from their homes in other countries with the hope of getting away from chaos and violence. Among those refugees there are thousands of children. Most of those children and youths under 18 years, who have experienced devastating and deeply stressing events need support services. About 15 percent of those who run away from war conflicts in their mother country are children. The number of children only in the refugee centre in Ovcha kupel is 400.

The defined needs of the youths are linked with help concerning their everyday life, and also their educational problems, physical and psychological health. The range of problems, concerning psychological health of children as a result of the armed conflicts is wide -heightened symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, somatic complaints, sleep and behavioral problems. Youths, who suffer psychological problems or emotional instability have more serious straits as a result of the traumas they have experienced. Girls are more vulnerable to traumas and direct violence. Race and ethnicity create psychological conflicts in refugees children, especially when they face the additional stress facts of the host country such as discrimination and cultural differences. They are in the same life situation – with no motherland, home, property, often without relatives and friends.

The project meets those needs of adaptation of refugee group, by offering them various activities and support.

Aims of the project:

The main aim of the project is to strengthen the areas of freedom, security and justice by giving the opportunity of additional teaching for refugee children, including unattended juveniles and minors and support of social orientation and cultural adaptation of children refugees and newly recognized refugees.

The specific goals of the project are: to be conducted additional training aiming at better assimilation of Bulgarian language, maths and other nature sciences for children refugees, including unattended juveniles and minors; to be created a supportive family environment for children refugees by introducing the aims and the opportunities provided from Bulgarian educational system not only for refugees children, but also for their parents; to be created conditions for cultural adaptation and integration in the Bulgarian host society; to help social orientation of children refugees and newly recognized refugees.


Direct beneficiaries of the project are: refugee children, including unattended juveniles and minors, newly recognized refugees, Bulgarian children and adults taking part in the activities.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project are: interested parties and institutions, Bulgarian community, community of refugees in the country.

Activities, conducted within the project:

  • Creating a Program for social orientation and cultural and educational adaptation of newly recognized and minor refugees;
  • Educational assistance for refugee children;
  • Consultations and support for social orientation;
  • Cultural adaptation of newly recognized refugees and refugees children.

The project is funded within Annual program 2013, European refugee fund III.

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