Implementing a system against depression and suicide among employed people.

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The introduction and approbating of the innovative system will increase the capacity of the candidate and the interested parties in the area of improving working conditions in companies and organizations, considering the mental overload accompanying different professions and employed people.
The prevention of depression and suicide among workers will be put into effect:
Validation of а practice for improving care and optimizing the prophylaxis for people with depressive disorders and prevention of suicidal behavior. The awareness of working people will be increased and they will learn more about the first signs of depression and its effects, along with suicidal tendencies.
“Health circles” will be created for establishing and discussing problems and finding solutions. Employees will go through training about coping with stress situations. Employees will be able to request individual consultations. Educational materials will also be included.
Employers will also go through a training programme. The training will concern managing ways of finding good solutions in order to decrease the risks for employees alongside SPOC’s foreign partners.

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