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Partner No 1:

“European Alliance against Depression e.V.”, Germany:
An international nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and improving care for people with depression and preventing suicidal behavior through education and scientific research. The organization consists of 12 countries as regular members from the EU and 10 worldly represented associated members.
Founders of “European Alliance against Depression” are scientists from different universities, organizations and institutions from Europe. The main purpose of the Alliance is to improve care and optimize treatment of people with depression and to prevent suicidal behavior.
Main activities of the organization are:
– Improve care of people with depression and prevent suicides;
– Provide support to the families of people with depression;
– Increase awareness of the society for appearance and influence of depression and propensity of suicide;
– Improve awareness and education offer for the wide audience and professionals in the field;
– Provide support for young researchers;
– Do further research for treatment of depression and prevention of suicides;
The organization will work in cooperation with SPOC for research of methods against depression and suicides in employed persons.
SPOC and „European Alliance Against Depression“ will cooperate in adaptation and development of an innovative system against depression and suicides in employed persons and employers.

Partner No 2:

“JOB Szemelyzeti Tanacsado Kft”, Hungary:
The Hungarian partner realizes a complete support for people with disabilities including people with mental illnesses and employers, so as to meet them in the common efforts for work integration. The activities of “JOB Szemelyzeti Tanacsado Kft” are aimed to provide a complete support for people with disabilities and particularly for people with mental illnesses for creating an independent life and an adequate participation in the labor market. The organization also supports employers in their efforts to test and adapt working positions for people with dissabilities.
SPOC and “JOB Szemelyzeti Tanacsado Kft” will exchange experience and will research methods for employment for people with mental illnesses. Research of the social innovation will be based on working Hungarian practices including field study, analysis of used approaches and good practices for transfer. The organizations will collaborate for the creation of an employment model of people with mental illnesses.

Partner No 3:

“Gesellschaft fur Arbeit und Building der Chance B Gmb H”, Austria:
“Chance B” provides a high quality care for children and adults with disabilities in Austria combining potential of good specialists and developing working policies for integration.
The organization trains health workers in the form of mobile therapeutic teams for support of people who need social and psychiatric help.
“Chance B” helps mentally ill people live an independent and integrated life in a familiar environment and doing independent choices and thus reduces pre-hospital and hospital care.
The organization will collaborate with SPOC in the research of a support model for children at risk who have parents with mental illnessеs.
“Chance B” will cooperate with SPOC for adaptation and development of a consulting system for children of a mentally ill person.

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