Adaptation of the Icelandic model

The activity for the effective adaptation of the Icelandic model gave the opportunity for developing an addiction anticipatory program, based on the Icelandic practice. The model adaptation process allowed us to share all basic ideas as well as the essence of the practice and the methods used in order to transfer these practices into the Bulgarian sociocultural conditions.

A kick-off project for prevention of the crime-inducing behavior among youth and children has been jointly developed by Bulgarian and Icelandic experts. All approaches and means for working with children and young people, part of the Icelandic model for prevention of crime-inducing behavior have been analyzed. The expert group working on the project succeeded in implementing the best practices in Bulgarian conditions. Thus, a better application of the model to the specific environment characteristics and needs of the Bulgarian society was achieved, along with synchronization with the existing Bulgarian and European policies, standards and legislation. By adapting the Icelandic model in Bulgarian environment, we have achieved to introduce approved approaches for effective work with children and youth at risk.

All the materials and instruments developed by the Bulgarian experts contributed to the effectiveness of the conducted trainings. The stakeholders managed to inform themselves in a comprehensive and accessible manner for the adapted model.


Links to the three developed brochures within the project:

Brochure “Correlation between the usage of drugs and criminal behavior among under-aged”

Brochure “Partners”


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