Albena Dimitrova Drobachka

The chairman of the Association has 8 years of experience in organizing and conducting a number of activities and initiatives related to women’s rights , women’s self defense, safety and security for women, development of a training program on self-defense (psychosocial and physical) for women working in the field of urban public transport , development of manuals, brochures and other informational materials to publicize the issue of violence against women, and rules of conduct of women to prevent violence against them, etc. The chairman has also developed and implemented a lot of activities, initiatives and events related to respect of children’s rights, combating violence against children, safety and security for children, working with families with problematic kids and families at risk, safety on the road for children, etc. The chairman of the Association has lectured additional qualification course for teachers related to the violence and aggression between students and adolescents and how to recognize children victims of violence when children do not share when there is a problem.

The head of the Association is involved in organizing and carrying out initiatives to promote social change and greater citizen participation in society on issues related to women’s problems and violence against women, which is achieved with the daily work of the organization, different activities, initiatives and projects that SPOC develops and implements.