Project „Exchange of practices and creation of a model to limit hate speech by creating a culture of tolerance and recognizing diversity“



The Project „Exchange of practices and creation of a model to limit hate speech by creating a culture of tolerance and recognizing diversity” is financed within he NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.



The project is prompted by a declared necessity from the refugees target group and minority acceptance and tolerance side. It is extremely actual due to the refugee wave, the presence of numerous ethnic and religious minorities, stimulating the root and development of a xenophobic adjustments and movements contrary to the democratic values and practices that harshly violate citizens’ rights and dignity. Media stimulates hate speech, gives a tribune to the ethnic intolerance. Children and youths are introduced to philosophy, establishing a culture of aggression and violence.

This is the first initiative, that expect everyone, who is responsible for the spread of hate speech and who exercise influence on children’s and youth’s adjustments, to work together in order to achieve integration, rights, to make an impact on hate speech and anti-discrimination, which determine its innovative nature. The innovation of the project is comprised of anticipatory program in the schools, training of journalists and primary- targeting youth participation in different activities, including the youths manifesting xenophobia, aiming at creation of a model for overcoming xenophobia, intolerance, disrespect of the rights of „the different one“ and the discriminative stereotypes. The approach for solving the problem is an innovative one, in which the influenced groups take part in the development of measures and resolutions that is one of the ways to empower the discriminated ones. In the context of the drive for good European neighborhood relations, agreement and respect among the different cultures, the initiative suggests a transferrable and applicable by the partners (other NGOs from the country and from Europe) approach.

Project’s objectives:

The project aims to help the promotion of democratic values and human rights protection, to limit hate speech and xenophobic adjustments, benefiting from the participation of all, who is in charge of solving the problem and its early prevention as well as the formulated children’s messages to the community. A change in the xenophobic adjustments through a conducted campaign will be achieved; limitation of xenophobia and the discrimination forms- through preventive program and ateliers; accomplishment of tolerance, prevention of racism displays, respect of diversity- through a conduct of seminars for youths and inclusion of children from the minorities, refugees and migrants; limitation of hate speech- through a work with the media.


The main beneficiaries of the project are children and refugees.
Additional target groups on the project are: minorities, representatives of media, youth, pedagogic and administrative staff, working at schools with children refugees and a broad representation of ethnicities.

Partners on the project:

“Peacepainting” is an independent association, situated in Bindal, Norway. It organizes painting workshops for children that allow them to express themselves without using words, in the context of peace and a friendly environment between people and nations.


Association for development of Arab-Bulgarian initiatives and cooperation (ARABIS). The Association promotes and supports intercultural dialogue and cooperation between representatives of various Eastern and Western cultures, religions and nations in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect towards the others. It contributes to the enhancement of mutual awareness and expands bilateral contacts between Bulgarian and Arabic, as well as between Western and Eastern societies as a whole and in the spirit of intercultural understanding.


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