Creation of a movie for the project

For the project activity, a movie has been created that shows the results and the maintained activities, part of the project. In the movie are included footages, documented in the inclusion of all target groups and events. The movie is bilingual, in Bulgarian and in English, so that it can be available for other organizations in Europe. The translation in English is presented by subtitles in the English version. The translation afterwards, has the aim to present the movie on different events of the organization, which are part of the sustainability and the multiplication of the project results.
The target groups, towards which is focused the activity for the creation the movie, are children and young people, refugees, Roma people, pedagogical and administrative personal from the schools, where the students are from mixed ethnical origin, stakeholders, other organizations and NGOs. The movie has been distributed to everyone, who shares the cause – limitation of the hate speech, everyone who is interested in the maintained activities and new practices. The introduction of the movie in the internet site of the project, helps it reach larger group of people and will give the opportunity to distribute the idea of minority groups’ integration as part of the whole society, also it will help in accomplishing the main objective – limitation of the hate speech, xenophobia and respect the rights of all citizens.
All of the activities are shot during their conduction by an operator. The whole entity of working footages has been reviewed and processed by a project expert, who has developed an example screenplay of the movie. The end of the movie contains multilingual messages for peace and amity from children and young people, including the target groups of the project. The chosen performer for the shooting, creating, editing and sound effects has provided the technical insurance of the product – camera, studio, editing and sound technique.
The created and distributed movie popularizes the positives results and the good practices from the conducted activities, thus by a figurative way, catches the community’s attention on the necessity of a prevention of racism, xenophobia and hate speech in the society. It has been shown the example of a possible dialogue between different cultures and minorities. There are examples of activities, which help their integration in the Bulgarian society.

In the following link you can see the movie, based on the activity:

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