Information and promotional activities for strengthening the bilateral relations

The activity is directed towards strengthening the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Iceland and between the participating parties, in particular. By promoting the bilateral relations we aim to achieve sustainable partnership relations.

The completed objectives are: establishing a network and bilateral collaboration with various stakeholders in the two countries; working towards raising the awareness in regard to the project results and practices between Iceland and Bulgaria.

Link to an informational catalogue for Bulgaria, towards introducing the Icelandic experts with the culture and the history of the country:

Informational catalogue for Bulgaria eng.

Link to the Manual “Icelandic model for prevention PAS”


Link to set of informational materials, brochures:

Brochure : ”The correlation between the drug usage and the criminal behavior among under-aged”

Brochure “Partners”

Brochure “In the preventive system”

Presentations of the Bulgarian experts, introduced during the work meetings for presentation of the Icelandic model for prevention and exchange of practices:

Presentations from the conducted conference in Bulgaria:

Мария Юрукова-Презентация представяща България eng.

Албена Дробачка-Презентация представяща Сдружение “Сдружение за прогресивна и отворена комуникация” СПОК eng.

д-р. Юри Кацаров”Национална стратегия за борба с наркотиците”eng.

Presentation from Conference in Bulgaraia:

Конференция на СПОК в София, България-Февруари 2016 година Йон Сигфусон “Доказателства базирани на първична профилактика-Исландския модел” eng.

Конференция на СПОК в София, България-Февруари 2016 година Рафн Йонсон ” eng.

Красимира Чобанова “Превенция на детската престъпност” bul.

Презентация д-р. Юри Кацаров(Конференция 02.02.16) bul.

Link to the informational movie – Iceland:

Informational movie

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