Membership of the association in the “National Network for Children“,

When implementing its activities for supporting children and their families at risk, children victims of violence and others, association “SPOC” has worked with organizations and institutions with similar objectives and mission. One of them is the “National network for children” (NNC) to which the Association is a member and participant in two of the four working groups.

“National Network of Children” (NNC) is an NGO-network of leading NGOs working in the field of children and family protection. NNC is established in 2003 as a free alliance of NGOs. In 2006 it gets a status of NGO in the public benefit. Since 2007 the organization is responsible for the implementation of the international program PROCOPIL in Bulgaria which is combating the abuse of children, co-financed by the French Ministry of foreign affairs. The Association supports the implementation of a lot of common objectives together with the NNC part of which are: development and maintenance of a network of NGOs in Bulgaria which will have functioning and active contacts on a national level; facilitation of the cooperation between the NGOs working in benefit of children and families in Bulgaria and at European level and the Committee for Child Protection at UN, establishment of effective policy in the field of social inclusion where the children and the families are specifically addressed reflecting their common needs, rights and opportunities for development; support of the civic institutions (civic organizations, research institutes, universities, etc.) in Bulgaria, working on the protection of children in order to influence positively the national policy on children and family protection, fostering children’s and youth’s participation in the decision-making process with special attention on the provision of partnership with different organizations engaged with children and youngsters; , improving the capacity of the NGOs and the stakeholders throughout provision of accessible information, consultation and training of the civic organizations working in the field of children and family protection; development and distribution of methodologies for sharing knowledge, information and experience.

Association SPOC is a member of UNITED for Intercultural Action – European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and its efforts are directed at the support to the refugees and migrants. UNITED coordinate, maintain and strengthen a network of 560 organizations from 46 European countries that share values like intercultural communication, diversity and human rights protection. The members of the network are concerned about the international situation, the direct and indirect forms of discrimination, crimes on hate and intolerance basis and underline the need of intercultural accord, equal rights for everyone and united Europe without racism. UNITED actively promote the exchange and co-operation between the non-profit organizations based in and outside Europe.

Association SPOC accepted the invitation of UNICEF-Bulgaria for representation of Bulgaria in “ECSA – European Children Safety Alliance”. The Alliance advocates for quality improvement of children’s lives through the power of human rights, consciousness and solidarity. The efforts of the European child safety alliance are directed toward the achievement of a safer life of the children across Europe. The Alliance also advocates for the necessity of an additional attention toward children and disadvantaged families in order to be ensured with just and safe way of life.

Association SPOC is a member of “NASO – The National Alliance for Social Resposibility”. The Alliance works for unity, motivation and support of the opportunities and the efforts of the economic and non-economic legal entities, municipalities and regional and local administrative structures of organizations through assuring of national and international partnership and participation in creation and implementation of social and responsible behavior, policies and activities in support to social communities for securing better quality of life and accelerated social development in Bulgaria.