Research data

Through the process of research were discussed the prejudices in society towards people with mental illness. The studies had displayed some problems of people with mental illness. The research results outline the necessary tools for early prevention of stigmas. The outcome studies report attitudes, stigmas and difficulties in people with mental illness, summarized specifics in attitudes in different representatives of the majority and minorities. The studies are based on tools, developed for conducting the campaign – the data is used to provide the best approaches for conducting national campaign for early prevention “We understand and support you”. The campaign is aimed at changing social stigmas and providing equal treatment of citizens with mental illness in Bulgaria.

Question paper for nationally representative survey
The survey of nationally representative study outlines a clear picture of attitudes in society which promotes accurate framework of attitudes in society, helps to select the best preventive measures and campaigns to change attitudes and social inclusion of people with mental health diseases.

Activity 1.1. A nationally representative survey of public attitudes towards people with mental health problems or diseases. See the survey data here.

Questionnaire survey among adolescents 13-16 year olds in schools
The survey provides information for the attitudes of young people and improvеs their knowledge of the symptoms and types of mental disorders. It also contributes by reducing prejudice, improving knowledge about where and how to seek help for problems, related to mental health. Questionnaires were conducted through direct surveys.

Activity 1.2. A survey among adolescents 13-16 year olds in schools. See the survey data here.

Survey among adults with mental illness.
The purpose of this survey among adults with mental illness was to summarize the perceptions and experiences of people with mental disorders, regarding their difficulties in social, consumer and professional aspect. The study is performed by psychiatrists who work with the recipients.

Activity 1.3. Study of adults with mental illness. See the survey data here.

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