“Three approaches to equal opportunities for people with mental illnesses”

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Creation and improvement of the transnational partnership between SPOC and the three foreign European partnership organizations in order to achieve transferring of good approaches at the base of development of three social innovations.

The innovative practices are aimed to improve life and working conditions and social inclusion of some of the most vulnerable people – people with mental illnesses and diseases, their children and families.
Linked investment priorities:

Investment priority 5
Adaptation of employees and enterprises to changes

Investment priority 8
An active inclusion, fostering of equal opportunities and increasing of employment resources of people with mental illnesses and decreasing the risk of social exclusion of their children.
The social innovations and the shared know-how with the partners from Austria, Germany and Hungary include all the stages of introducing new practices, research, development, implantation and evaluation.
Introduced innovations increase the capacity of SPOC for working with vulnerable groups of people and distribution of these methods to institutions, people forming policies, employers and professionals leads to sustainability and are a prerequisite of formulating of efficient policies from national level.
Within the project are planned relations, seminars and forums that guarantee realization of added values and application of the innovations in the real practice.
The project will increase the effectiveness of measures in Bulgaria for dealing with poverty, social risk, stimulate equal opportunities and improve working conditions.

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