Aims of the project

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The main purpose of the project is implementation of transnational partnerships for exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how and transfer and implantation of social innovations for increasing employment, social inclusion of vulnerable groups and for achieving of better working conditions.

Additional purposes are implantation of new systems, practices and instruments for human resources development and increasing the number of employed people in the country;

Achieve better adaptation of employees and enterprises to increasing changes;

Implementation of improvements in the organization and working conditions in the enterprises considering mental health of employees;

Enhance active inclusion of employed and vulnerable groups of people;

Develop instruments for active participation and better aptitude for employment of people with mental illnesses;

Achieve support for providing an active social inclusion and equal opportunities for vulnerable groups;

Establish risk mechanisms through introduced practices of support and work with children at risk who live with a parent with mental illness;

Create new opportunities for support of kith and kin of people with mental illnesses;

Increase abilities for applying partner approaches for finding solutions to common problems;

Build networks and groups of interested institutions and specialists who work with problems of mental health and social inclusion of vulnerable groups participating in the project;

Increase the capacity of applicant and other interested parties through increasing the role of participants prepared to put into effect simultaneously the principles of social justice and opportunities to equal inclusion of people with mental illnesses;

Increase partnership within the community and institutions;

Achieve an added value and sustainability of innovations through integrating them in the activities and practice of interested parties;

Contribute to formulating of effective and efficient policies at a national level for people with mental illnesses;

Build up measures supporting the transnational partnership in the field of labor market and social inclusion realized by the applicant on Operational Programme “Human resources development”.

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