Correlation study on the drug addiction among children and youth and juvenile criminology

The activity regarding the correlation study among drug addicted children and youth and the juvenile criminology embodies a survey, conducted by the officers from Children’s pedagogic room, the local committees and the regional offices for information in regard to the share of the children and youth who regularly use psychoactive substances. By implementing the survey, we have detected the certain levels of youth and children crimes commission and antisocial behavior amongst the target groups. Information has been collected in connection with the correlation between the crimes committed and the abuse with psychoactive substances. All the extant data from the conducted survey has been analyzed by using the information collected from Bulgaria and Iceland.

The generated data is included in a comparative study on the basis of a general comparative database. All the extracted data is the cornerstone for determining the existing link between the two phenomena- the youth and children criminogenic behavior and the abuse with psychoactive substances.
The survey, conducted by SPOC is used as a basis for adaptation of the Icelandic model on Bulgarian soil and introduction of the collected best practices and models for prevention.

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Link to Report showing the results from the conducted survey::

Report from survey on the correlation between children and adolescents, using drugs and the criminality among under-aged (July-august 2015) Bul.

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