Main area of operation of Partner 1

Hvite Ørn Norge

Based in Oslo, Hvite Ørn Norge (White Eagle) is a National organization with members, consisting of mentally ill people and their families as well as experienced professionals in the field of the health services. The organization truly believes that all people have spiritual capability. They work with clinics, hospitals and other organizations with the aim to encourage the human rights protection of mentally disordered people against their discrimination. The organization works on the creation of a Fund for financially disadvantaged people as well as information on the different medical treatment options.

White Eagle provides consultations to politicians and serves as a controlling body in the healthcare field in Norway. We are represented in the Council of Consumers, defending the interests of its members. At the present moment, the organization consists of thousands of members.

Main area of operation of Partner 2

Association „Youth for Responsible Civil Activity“

The association has the following main goals: to include young people and their initiatives on the political agenda; to work for the development of informed and educated youth, motivated to be a key factor in the civil society and to participate in the decision-making process; to strengthen the implementation of intersectoral youth policies; to present youth organizations and initiatives in positive light; to develop the volunteer activities in Bulgaria;

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