The members of SPOC Association for seven years are working for the prevention of violence against women, reducing and ending gender-based violence against women. This is achieved through the implementation of various training as „Training for women working in the public transport in Sofia, Bulgaria“ under the patronage of the Mayor of the capital.

Together with the Syndicate of the Transport Workers SPOC organized a training in psycho-physical protection from aggressive passengers. This training have covered more than 100 women from urban
The chairman of the organization has organized a roundtable „Together against violence“ –this initiative involved and participated female victim of violence by pouring acid in their faces, the preparation of a brochure „Safety and security for women,“ educational materials under the slogan „I have no guilt.“transport so far.

Association SPOC developed a project to raise awareness and change the attitudes and the knowledge among women and society in general on violence against women. The emphasis is on spreading the understanding that violence is not only physical, but there are other forms of violence such as emotional, psychological, sexual or financial, which are not recognized in Bulgaria. The project created a new interactive approach to reach women through the most appropriate means for them with a view to their differencies – age, social status, education.

The organization developed also a project for young women, most of them students or girls from good families but with low social status who are becoming mistresses which is a new topic not only for the organization but also for the country. The problem occurs in post-totalitarian countries such as Bulgaria, in countries where there are oligarchy and rapid pauperization of the population. Currently SPOC focuses on the development of measures and means to reach this target group young girls between 15 and 25 who are victims or potential victims of violence, incitement to prostitution, traffick, emotional and psychological humiliation. High percentage of young girls in the country are seeking a life of mistress. For this purpose they use any means of selfoffering – internet, modeling agencies, baby facilities, etc. The mass culture and the media support the process, propagandize the shiny life of the rich. In the mass distribution is not advanced the issue in its entirety, including the consequences of the life of the mistress. These symptoms, which are a prerequisite to increase the risk of violence against young women need to be prevented to limit their harmful effects.

Association “SPOC” is also providing individual psychological consultations for women victims of violence or discrimination in the workplace. Psychologists work to the organization individually, like in the therapy is included the partner or victim’s family.