The members of the association have extensive experience in working with minority communities, immigrants and refugees, their integration in the Bulgarian education, on the labor market, in the society in general throughout organizing different workshops, seminars, trainings and other kinds of events.

Association “SPOC” has developed two different projects related to the integration of immigrants and refugees in the Bulgarian society which is recently an actual issue for Bulgaria. One of the projects is related to working with the host society and is planning to conduct different activities throughout working both with the immigrants and with the Bulgarian society. From one hand the project aims to raise the awareness of the society about the immigrants, their reasons to leave their home and their problems coming out of what they have experienced and what they are put through while coming to a foreign country. From the other hand the project aims to make the rights and obligations when living in Bulgaria familiar to the immigrants.

The second project is related to the children refugees. It aims at supporting the integration of these children in the Bulgarian educational system throughout additional training and learning courses for overcoming the language barrier and the differences in the knowledge the children have. The project also includes making the refugees and their children familiar with the Bulgarian nature, histry, traditions and culture so it can facilitate the integration process.

The Association works in close relations with external for the organization experts from different fields who are cooperating when implementing its activities and realization of the objectives of the organization. Part of the experts who are cooperating with SPOC when implementing different activities are sponsors and participants of the initiative of “Aleksandrovska” hospital – “Do something good” in the refugee center in Kovachevtsi focused on children-refugees and pregnant women-refugees; the initiative of a team of “Aleksandrovska” hospital for performing examinations of shildren in the refugee center in Vrazhdebna.

The topic of the study practice of some of the university students under the Operational program Human Resource Development – “Student practises”, where association “SPOC” currently participates, is called “Participation in projects for refugees and ethnic minorities”. In this practices there are participating 8 students studying ethnology, anthropology, political science, international law, culture studies.