Distribution of the established innovations and the results

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Distribution of the established innovations and results will contribute in such a way that the approbated and introduced innovative ways will reach to all the interested parties.
Ideas, knowledge, know-how, developed and implemented innovative practices will be disseminated and introduced for maximum use of the interested parties.
The activity’s main goal is everyone who looks for innovations in their practices like institutions, people who form politics, employers, society etc. will be able to get to the information about the approbated and implemented innovative techniques.
The activity includes a set of instruments as well as disseminated submethods that include creating and supporting a special bilingual section of SPOC’ site and a developed page in the social network. Stimulating the experts working on the project to participate actively in discussions, conferences and seminars. A methodology with the three innovations and six types of ancillary brochures will be spread throughout Sofia and the country. The branded automobile will ensure the wider dissemination of the information about the project.

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