Association “Sustainability of progressive and open communication” while implementing its activities related to supporting children and their families at risk, children victims of violence have met organizations and institutions with similar objectives and missions and is working in close cooperation with a lot of national and international partners.
Association “SPOC” has developed a project related to developing a program for ensuring an effective and comprehensive prevention of abandonment of children in institutions, with fathers-prisoners. This project includes the development of evaluation methodology for the needs of the children throughout interviewing their fathers in prisons, exchange of best practices, development of a training program for working with these fathers and thus to prevent the abandonment of children in orphanages.

The organization has carried out a lot of campaigns related to supporting children, parents and schools through information and education campaign, conducted meetings and discussions with students and teachers as well as distributed informational materials and supporting thematic brochures and leaflets. It has also organized “Psychological atelier for parents” jointly with Gallery “Paris”, course “More for children, less stress for parents” – for group therapies and consultations for parents and problematic children. A serious part of the participants were fathers of children with specific behavioral and emotional difficulties. It has also organized training and support meetings for youngsters, members of The Union of the disabled people and The Union of the deaf in Bulgaria.

Association “SPOC” also organizes events in the culture field – concerts, youth workshops, charity programs for raising funds for a particular cause of public significance. The association is participating in the conduction od a media campaign “Let’s help Dani” which leaded to legislative initiatives and the proposal to drop the limit of 180 000 BGN for the treatment of children abroad.

The Association developed a project of the Roma organization “DAR-2004” which aims to contribute for the integration of students from ethnic minorities in 136 High School “Lyuben Karavelov” by providing suitable conditions and resources and increasing their motivation for participating actively in the educational process; support the integration process of children and students from the ethnic minorities and decreasing the number of early dropouts and early school leavers by providing equal access to education and training and additional educational and entertaining activities; increase the motivation of parents and families of children from ethnic minorities to implement more effective integration process by attracting them as active participants in the socio-cultural multiethnical communication inside and outside of the educational facility; increasing the capacity of the pedagogical staff in the school for accomplishing successful model and work for integration of students from the ethnic minorities.

The association is an official partner in the project of “Agenzia Giovani”, Italy under the Youth in Action program related to young girls and women at risk.