The members of the association have participated in different initiatives related to raising tolerance and antidiscrimination practices in the society like conducting workshops in the schools in Sofia where they have been taking place different role games, interactive trainings and sharing experience between the children in order to raise tolerant attitude towards the others and understanding of beauty in the diversity.

Association “SPOC” has developed a project related to creation of a innovative, comprehensive program for prevention of xenophobia and the unique is the inclusion of all stakeholders in the decision making process by developing an integrated approach for supporting democracy, human rights and active citizenship. Prevention includes trainings, campaigns, meetings and joint events to raise awareness related to racism and xenophobia, which will lead to the promotion of mutual understanding and tolerance and increased capacity for response to events related to democracy and the rule of law.
The main objectives of the project are to intensification the non-profit sector as a factor in combating the violations of civil rights discriminated communities and support these communities through implementation of different independent initiatives aimed at promoting tolerance, change the attitudes and the stereotypes of the host society to the ethnic minorities, immigrants, refugees, overcome the cultural barriers and influence the attitude to intolerance and xenophobia; change of the attitudes of the representatives of the ethnic and religious-cultural minorities related to the majority and reduction of the number of the discriminatory practices towards differences for encouraging the fair, equitable and sustainable society; raise the awareness of the adolescents and youngsters related to xenophobia and racism; promote tolerance, including the understanding of the discrimination and its negative consequences.